Release: NecroVision & NecroVision: Lost Company

Classic Games

The great evil war.

NecroVision and NecroVision: Lost Company are now available, DRM-free on Get them now 66% off each or together for 80% off.
Many evils are born of war: Death, destruction, despair, demons. That’s right, while we were too busy fighting each other during WWI, an army of demonic undead emerged from the darkness to tear everyone apart. Thankfully, you can shoot them back into their black hole, first as a heroic American Soldier in NecroVision and then as a German trooper in the prequel NevroVision: Lost Company.

Note: The games do not support any multiplayer features.

The 66% and 80% discounts end on November 12, 11PM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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