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“There’s only one thing that can save a man from madness and that’s uncertainty.”

Metro 2033 Redux the ultimate edition of one of the most compelling survival FPS, is available now for Windows, DRM-free on Get it up to 60% off with the weeklong launch promo!

The bombs fell sometime in July 2013. A nuclear exchange in the Middle East turns global – the United States go quickly, but they do not go quietly. Neither does Russia. The remnants of humanity are saved by an unimposing marvel of modern engineering: the kilometers of underground tunnels that weave below what are now memories of a bustling Moscow. The year is 2033, your home is the Metro.

Metro 2033 is a video game adaptation of an award winning Russian novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky – the survival horror / FPS blend took gamers by surprise with its masterfully thick horror atmosphere and a compelling, fresh, uniquely Russian universe. Metro 2033 Redux is a remastered edition, but it’s also far beyond just a graphics update – thanks to significant gameplay and design updates, this release is a game fresh enough even for veterans to truly enjoy. With new graphics, new map design, impressive technical improvements and plenty of new gameplay elements – this is without a doubt the definitive way to experience Metro 2033.

Pick up both Metro 2033: Redux and the sequel, Metro: Last Light Redux in a single DRM-free bundle to get 60% off both titles, or pick up today’s release or sequel at 50% off individually. The launch discount will last for 5 days, until Monday, July 27 at 9:59 AM GMT.

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