Release: Layers of Fear

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Fear of the blank.

Layers of Fear, a horror adventure where you brush against your most creative nightmares, is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on

What is art if not a gut-wrenching battle between the established and the proposed, the innovative and the classic, the bold and the conventional. Does the artist captivate his subjects or does he set them free? Does he reshape his surroundings using his paintbrush as a carving knife or do they reshape him, hacking off pieces and peeling back layers until his very soul lays bare? Once you’re faced with a blank canvas, all these questions come crushing down on you and you’ll have to draw your own exit if you are ever going to reach salvation before you reach the bottom.

Finishing your masterpiece threatens to be your undoing as Layers of Fear keep stacking on your psyche. Your most dependable source of inspiration, the 19th century paintings hanging on every wall, are now turning on you, playing tricks on your fragile mind. The foreboding mansion shifts, spins, and bleeds in the blink of an eye, leading your mind astray with its impossible architecture and walls covered in horrible markings. Horrors that you thought you had buried forever now come shambling out of the woodwork. This is how the mind of a deranged artist looks like. Can you peel back the insanity and unearth the terrible secrets that lie beneath?

Paint your greatest sins in the color of madness and finish your masterpiece before you are consumed by Layers of Fear, DRM-free on

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