Coming Soon: The Universim

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Godlike freedom.

The Universim, an In-Development God-game where the success of your civilization depends on your planet management and anger management skills, is coming soon, DRM-free on!

Your people have fire! Soon, they’ll start building settlements, cities, impressive machines that drain natural resources, and eventually perhaps space-faring vehicles that will enable them to leave their mess behind. Want to encourage or punish their behavior? Use your godly Power or Wrath to shift the weather in their favor, help cure diseases, and bring meteors down on their ignorant heads. Give them the tools to reach greatness or watch idly as they blow things up – that’s the godly way.
Each planet provides a unique ecosystem, wildlife, and dangers. Each civilization is bursting with limitless potential and constant temptations of self-destruction. What path will your guys walk? And what will happen when they encounter the mysterious aliens flying overhead?

Wishlist The Universim and rule planets full of unruly people, coming soon, DRM-free on

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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