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A fate Norse than death

Jotun, the emotional action/adventure of a dishonored Viking warrior charging towards the venerable halls of Valhalla, is now available DRM-free on for Windows, Mac, and Linux, with a 10% launch discount.

Thora has suffered the worst fate imaginable for a proud warrior of her tribe: an inglorious death. But to a true Viking, dying doesn’t mean their fighting days are over. The only thing that changes are the battlefields in which they seek glory eternal. And Thora is determined to claim it, even if she’ll have to fight giant elemental spirits in order to impress her demanding gods.

Drowning at sea instead of falling in battle left her disgraced but the solemn-faced shield maiden has been granted a second chance. The towering Jotun are the only things standing in her way towards the golden halls of Valhalla but they are formidable foes indeed. Thora will need to channel every last inch of her combat prowess, exercise great cunning when taking advantage of her surroundings, and use expert timing in summoning the amazing powers the gods have blessed her with. The lavishly drawn visuals and the appropriately steely narration will bring Thora’s tragic backstory to life in this challenging journey that will see her skills and determination tested against impossible odds.

Impress the gods by bringing the mighty Jotun to their knees, DRM-free on The 10% launch discount will last until April 13, 1:59 PM UTC.

In the press :
“Jotun is a wondrous trek through Norse mythology” – IGN
“It’s a wonderfully wild, vibrant bedtime story told with fire and verve” – Gamespot
“It’s a magical ride that I’m sure I’ll revisit from time to time in the future.” – Destructoid

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