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A life of sin awaits within

Sea Dogs: Caribbean Tales, an action/adventure/RPG hybrid that lets you explore all aspects of a corsair’s thrilling life, is now available DRM-free on

Dogs are famously friendly, loyal, and perhaps a little bit gullible creatures. Sea Dogs, however, are nothing of the sort. They lead lives full of fighting, murder, plunder, and uneasy camaraderie, usually feverish with a self-destructive gold rush. Blaze and Beatrice Sharp are born into this life, having inherited their father’s swashbuckling legacy. Time to see how they measure up.

Now that they’ve both come of age, it’s time to make their own name, carve their own path through this open-world of exciting yet dangerous opportunities. There are 16 ships to choose from, different crew members to hire, weapons to equip on your ship or take along in your land adventures, skills to pick, quests to undertake, treasures to unearth. Feel free to seek your fortune and explore the secrets of the Caribbean islands, but never let your guard down. After all, how you handle yourself during the intense naval battles and your continuous struggles with the capricious sea weather will determine whether you name will become synonymous with glorious piracy or a brief footnote in the chronicles of this brutal age of buccaneers.

Dip you cutlass into a sea of perils, treasures, and the blood of your enemies as you live your own Sea Dogs: Caribbean Tales, DRM-free on

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