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Rage against the machines

Hard Reset: Redux, a heavily upgraded edition of the cult-classic cyberpunk FPS, is now available, DRM-free on, with a 10% launch discount or 85% for owners of Shadow Warrior (2013)!

Humanity is under siege. Bezoar, the last bastion of mankind, is being attacked by bloodthirsty machines seeking to download its extensive data-bank, where billions of digitized human minds are stored. It’s time for a last stand. It’s time for hard decisions. It’s time for a Hard Reset.

The relentless gunplay, the wanton destruction, and the hardcore sensibilities that gained the original its cult fame, are back with a vengeance. Hard Reset: Redux brings a barrage of improvements, including better visuals, a new enemy type, a sweet dash move, a mean-looking cyber-katana, optimized performance, and an all-around more balanced experience. Definitely a far more enjoyable one than what our mechanical overlords would want us to have, should they were allowed to succeed…

Lay waste to an army of nefarious contraptions and cause a Hard Reset: Redux, DRM-free on Owners of Shadow Warrior (2013), who want to smash some mean machines, can instead take advantage of the whopping, permanent 85% loyalist discount!
The 10% discount will last until June 10, 2:29 PM UTC.


Did you guys, hear? There’s a Hard Reset competition going on and winning is not hard at all! You know what’s hard? Not to get excited about the amazing swag that’s up for grabs, courtesy of Gambitious!

Here are the rules, as provided by the good folk at Gambitious:
“Send your best Tweet to @GambitiousInc using some combination of the following words: Flying Wild Hog, Hard Reset Redux, Shadow Warrior, Lo Wang. All submissions need to include #HardReset in order to make them searchable. Extra points are awarded to the funniest, most ludicrous works of …read more

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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