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You have my wrench. And my pickaxe.

Gnomoria, a gigantic sandbox where you manage the lives of miniature gnomes, is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on, with a 50% launch discount.

Gnomes are widely considered as greedy, ingenious, often mischievous little devils. But they can sure build a mean city. Or an orc-killing contraption. And these are solid foundations for a thriving community which can eventually turn into a vast kingdom under your steady guidance. All you need to do is point them to the right materials, craft the best items, set cunning traps, and erect sturdy structures that your gnomes will be proud to call home. Every element of the procedurally-generated, sandbox environment is destructible and potentially usable, as long as you have the right gnome for the job.

Put your little citizens to work and help make Gnomoria the perfect place to live, DRM-free on The 50% launch discount will last until April 27, 12:59 PM UTC.

In the press:
“It’s easy to get lost in designing the perfect little base for your gnomes” – Kotaku
“Insanely fun and highly addictive village management game” – Destructoid
“The more you put into Gnomoria, the more you get from it” – Pixel Perfect Gaming

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