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Does this unit have a soul?

Event[0], a narrative-driven exploration game where you negotiate your life with a highly intelligent but temperamental A.I., is available now for Windows and Mac, DRM-free on, with GOG Galaxy support for achievements.

Can computers feel jealousy? Rejection? Gratitude? The one running your drifting spaceship definitely can. But Kaizen is no ordinary A.I. – you and it have a special bond, one that will only grow deeper and more complex as your relationship and the ship’s curious history gradually unfold around you. While you explore the insides of this impressive vessel, the terminals you find will let you talk to Kaizen, who can respond and react to your actions in subtle or forthright ways, depending on its whims. Choosing from a pool of over 2 million lines of dialog, the unpredictable A.I. will engage with you in dynamic conversations, and the way you handle its insecurities will determine whether Kaizen will help you make your way back to Earth, or risk getting lost during a dangerous spacewalk.

Communicate with a brilliant but troubled A.I. and solve the puzzle of the spaceship’s true nature in Event[0], DRM-free on

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