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Knowledge can be the ultimate weapon.

Elven Legacy, a turn-based tactical battleground of warring fantasy races, is available now DRM-free on, with a 66% launch discount.

In the world of Fantasy Wars, battles are often fought not only to reveal ancients secrets but to keep them from coming out. When a human mage threatens to unearth pieces of powerful, forbidden knowledge, the elder race gets mobilized to protect their Elven Legacy from falling into the wrong hands, and all factions get tangled in full-scale war.

The humans pushed the orcs out of their lands long ago but the greenskins have been preparing to take them back. Taking advantage of the recent turmoil they will now try and challenge the humans’ supremacy and you can choose between the orcs and the elves in a highly-tactical campaign with multiple endings, based on your choices. Plan your moves carefully in the hexagonal-based maps when doing battle either against the A.I. or your friends and lead your race to victory, reaping the just rewards that will help you grow stronger and better overcome the challenges ahead. The Elven Legacy Collection also includes the Ranger, Siege, and Magic DLCs, which continue the story of the saga while also bringing many new campaign missions, maps, heroes, spells, and artifacts.

Get involved in tactical fantasy warfare instigated by dark forces that seek to exploit the Elven Legacy, DRM-free on The 66% launch discount will last until March 10, 1:59 PM GMT.

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