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He’s gonna need a bigger boat

Don’t Starve – Shipwrecked, the expansion pack to the wacky survival simulation, is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on with a 10% launch discount.

Wilson must not really like eating because he always manages to find himself in uncomfortable situations where malnourishment is just a couple of misclicks away. To be fair, though, it was inevitable that a chap with his name would eventually get Shipwrecked, so he better just make the most out of it.

The archipelago might look like a tropical paradise at first glance, but there’s no shortage of dangerous natural elements and things that want to kill you so that they Don’t Starve. As you navigate the open ocean and explore this unfamiliar world, looking for new resources and new things to eat, seasons keep changing so you must quickly adapt to the biomes if you want to survive. Escaping the local predators and avoiding starvation are going to prove challenging endeavors but you always wanted to try on that sweet captain’s hat, didn’t you?

Keep yourself nourished, run away from man-eating creatures, and make the most out of being Shipwrecked, DRM-free on

Don’t Starve promo
Hungry for more? Now is the perfect time to stock up on some tasty Don’t Starve games. Don’t Starve and Reign of Giants are 50% off but if you want to keep all your provisions in one place, you can grab the Don’t Starve Alone Pack for 45% off. This contains all games in the series, including Shipwrecked, which goes for 10% off individually.
All discounts will last until April 4, 18:59 BST / 10:59 AM PDT / 1:59 PM EDT.

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