Weekend Promo: A Year of GOG.com in Russian

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New games joining GOG.com, plus a vast selection of Russian-speaking games up to 80% off: Shadow Warrior, Space Rangers HD, Hotline Miami, and more!

Just about one year ago, GOG.com and our Russian-speaking friends got locked in a bear-hug so warm that it could thaw even the most frozen siberian heart. That’s when we launched a Russian version of our store, offering a proper welcome to everybody from Russia and other independent countries that emerged from the USSR in our DRM-free halls. Today we are celebrating A Year of GOG.com in Russian with a hot extended promo that is bound to raise the global sea level by a couple more inches.

This event is not unlike a matryoshka doll: as you open it up you find three (make that four) games making their GOG.com debut. Either well-known or a bit obscure, we are glad that they have chosen to call GOG.com their home. Please welcome:

Sea Dogs: Caribbean Tales, an open-world action/RPG of swashbuckling exploits
Konung 1 + 2: A blend of Diablo and Baldur’s Gate in a northern fantasy setting
Evil Islands: The RPG/stealth tale of an unlikely hero out to save a string of doomed isles

Keep fiddling with the doll and you will soon realize there is a whole Weekend Promo hidden inside! And not just any promo. Dozens and dozens of games are waiting for you, and they all have three things in common: there is a healthy dose of awesomesauce integrated in their genome, they got smashing discounts, and they are all fluent in Russian! That’s right, all these fine games include a Russian option but the best part is that they are equally fun to play in any language.

So join us in celebrating A Year of GOG.com in Russian by welcoming four new games …read more

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