Release: Divinity: Original Sin

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A true RPG design achievement!

Divinity: Original Sin is the old-school role-playing title you’ve been dreaming about. If you were ever imagining how the legendary classics like Baldur’s Gate would look and feel like, were they developed today, this is your answer! Larian Studios managed to make good on all of their promises of classic gameplay, extensive world, gripping storyline, and flexible system paired with high production value of contemporary double-A titles. With up to a hundred hours of playtime needed to beat the game with all of its branching stories and tons of optional quests the game can prove to be everything you want it to be, and more! It also takes what’s best after the modern games: rich and vivid 3D graphics, an extensive item crafting system, and a finely balanced multi-player mode. A perfect mix of classic and new RPG design, if we ever saw one.

Set out to explore the fantastic colorful realm created by Larian Studios, and make a new home for yourself in the vibrant world of Divinity: Original Sin (or even grab some extra Source Hunter DLC gear), on The price of the game varies from region to region, but don’t be alarmed! Following the tradition we’re offering a Fair Price Package with this title, so everyone who is adversely affected by the pricing plan will be compensated with gift-codes.

The version of the game offered here comes with the full single-player campaign, but currently supports only LAN/DirectIP multiplayer modes, with on-line multiplayer features coming as a later update, powered by GOG Galaxy, our DRM-Free online gaming platform. Thank you for your patience!

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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