Site Update – July 9, 2014


By SyncError

Today we have released a small update for QUAKE LIVE. As of today, several of the classically “premium-only” features have been cycled into the realm of standard-content for everyone to enjoy. In the coming updates we will now be adding new features for our subscribers to enjoy, but we felt that now was a good time to begin making some of our long standing perks available to everyone who plays. In addition to this we’ve also included a number of small fixes and improvements.

Features moved to Standard accounts:

  • Advanced Scoreboards, including a newly added Freeze Tag scoreboard
  • Killbeep Sounds
  • Quad and Battle Suit Kill Counters
  • Weapon Config Menu
  • Define your preferred order of starting weaposn (cg_preferredStartingWeapon)
  • Force Team Skin and Force Enemy Skin options

Game Updates:

  • New overhead teammate indicators (friendly triangles) that relay teammate health status
  • Reduced default cg_drawHitFriendTime to 100ms to better suit the new icon system
  • New teammate death icon to clearly distinguish hurt teammates from dead teammates under the new health icon system
  • Teammate crosshair names now use the same health color indicators as the new overhead icons
  • Don’t display dead teammate icons in FreezeTag (as their frozen icon will be present)
  • Broadcast a power-up pickup chat message to inform you who picked up a freshly spawned power-up
  • Crosshair hit style now defaults to damage colors.
  • cg_drawCrosshair was defaulting to different values in cg_main and ui_main, they now both default to “2”
  • All clients will now use cl_maxpackets 125.
  • Print when an admin passes or vetoes a callvote.
  • Fixed a bug that would add marks to the surface of thin volumes of liquid near an impact. (Reported on Terminatria)
  • Fixed crosshair 14’s broken alpha channel
  • For the nostalgic ones, added the original Q3 crosshairs: 20-29
  • Minor fixes to the UI/HUD files
  • Fixed a lot of non-power of two textures that were reported to be causing issues.
  • Added Start-a-Match commands to tab auto-complete
  • No longer default to using forced bright models.

Arena Updates:

  • Arcane Citadel – Battle Suit switched for MH, JP added at MH ledge, PG (at high YA) switched for RL
  • Arkinholm – Added Race support
  • Blood Run – Fixed clipping at YA ad
  • Brimstone Abbey – Fixed doubled over health bubbles in team modes, Fixed clipping in curves
  • Double Impact – Removed the RA room. Placed RA in mid. Teleporters in mid low, go to mid high.
  • Hen House – Added Race support
  • New Cerberon – Race and DOM support
  • Overkill – Fixed stray quad stuck in solid
  • Pillbox – Added two spawns in mid.
  • Silence – Fixed wall supports near RA that didn’t touch the wall.
  • Terminatria – Fixed NPOT item decals

Source: Quake Live


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