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You must gather yourself together before venturing forth.

Darkest Dungeon, a visceral RPG/roguelike about adventuring under stress, is available now DRM-free on for Windows and Mac with a 20% launch discount.

You hear scratching coming from the decrepit wall on your left flank. You turn around swiftly, almost grazing your torch against the Plague Doctor’s creepy mask. He screams in panic more than anguish, then accuses you of pulling another one of your Jester’s pranks on the group. For there is nothing crawling on the wall. In the echoing darkness of these accursed halls, you begin to wonder whether paranoia has finally gripped you too. But there is one thing you feel certain of: you’ve long lost your appetite for pranks.

Darkest Dungeon is a turn-based roguelike, which blossomed thanks to the overwhelming reception to its crowdfunding campaign. The community’s valuable feedback later helped shape some of the design choices implemented in the game.
You pick a customizable band of distressed adventurers and plunge them into the devouring depths of the Darkest Dungeon. Fear, famine, misfortune, and nightmarish monstrosities are waiting there to gnaw at their troubled souls and fatigued bodies, but the promise of riches and your rousing speeches will keep them going. Until their gruesome, permanent death.

Survive the perils and psychological ordeals native to the Darkest Dungeon, DRM-free on And if you wish to drown out the treacherous voices in your head, you can even grab the Darkest Dungeon: Soundtrack Edition. The 20% discount will last until January 26, 5:59 PM GMT.

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