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Streets are uneven when you are down.

Californium, a surreal adventure in the unmapped intersection of realities, is available now DRM-free on for Windows and Mac, with a 10% launch discount.

Creating different, plausible realities is what writers do, if they are any good. Elvin Green is not considered good by his editor, who no longer wants him as his client. He is not considered good by his wife either, as made abundantly clear in the goodbye letter she left behind. Elvin Green needs a different reality. And he will get a number of them bundled with weird, psychedelic images that wash over his mind, as he looks to make sense out of a meaningless existence.

1967 is not a good year for Elvin Green. But it has now become a very interesting one. As he explores the shifting realities that converge around him, he realises he can communicate with the colorful inhabitants and hop between worlds by touching objects which don’t seem to belong. And unlike the bleak, dystopian imagery in which most of Philip K. Dick’s work is typically represented in various media, the realities of Californium are bathed in a vibrant, intoxicating palette, representative of Elvin Green’s indulgence in recreational chemicals. Will they prove to be the root of his plights or the catalyst to better understanding himself?

Get lost within the layered realities of Californium and find the piece of mind you’re missing, DRM-free on The 10% launch discount will last until February 24, 10:59 AM GMT.

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