Release: Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear

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The lost chapter in the Bhaalspawn saga

Siege of Dragonspear, the brand new expansion that bridges the gap between Baldur’s Gate I and II, is now available, DRM-free on

What happened to our heroes after they defeated Sarevok and before they ended up captives inside Jon Irenicus’ prison lab? Did they stick together? Did they drift apart? Did Boo get to bite any more delicious eyeballs? The brand new 25-hour expansion Siege of Dragonspear promises to answer these pressing questions, which have been lingering for 18 whole years, while also delivering an adventure worth of Baldur’s Gate’s glorious legacy.

A powerful army led by a charismatic warrior only known as the Shining Lady has been pillaging the Sword Coast, forcibly enlisting locals and causing general unrest. Even more disturbing are the rumors of her also being the child of a god. A showdown is inevitable.
Siege of Dragonspear brings your party to entirely new areas of the Sword Coast, facing new monsters, finding new loot, and tackling new quests. All your companions from Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition return and are joined here by Captain Schael Corwin, a deadshot archer, Voghiln the Vast, a mighty northerner warrior, M’Khiin Grubdoubler, a goblin shaman (new class), and Glint Gardnersonson, the kind gnome cleric. Your RPG experience gets even more enhanced thanks to the improved UI and Infinity Engine features, which will feel both familiar and welcome to new and seasoned players alike.

If you want to get the OST from the original Baldur’s Gate, plus the extra tracks composed for the Enhanced Edition and Siege of Dragonspear, you can also grab Siege of Dragonspear – Digital Deluxe Edition.
Note that GOG Galaxy support for achievements in Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, and Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition – Siege of Dragonspear is going to be implemented in the near …read more

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