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Maybe escaping through this scary forest wasn’t the best idea. But those villagers seemed pretty mad at you for stealing that magic box with the letters RNG etched on the lid. As you lean against a rock to catch your breath, you take a moment to check its contents: a peculiar deck of cards and a set of dice with odd engravings. You smile knowingly. If the legends are true, these should help you Shuffle & Roll your way out of every situation. No need for weapons, trinkets, or even crumbling spell books; just whip out a card and summon whatever you need. Be careful, though, for RNG may sometimes choose to tease you with unfavorable or unpredictable outcomes. But that’s just part of the fun, right?

Perhaps the most capricious depiction of RNG’s tricks is the one found in Chaos Reborn. Spells that can backfire, illusions to bluff your opponents, and clever use of turn-based tactics in a battlefield of magical pandemonium.

What does history have in the cards for those brave enough to try and alter it? Decide the outcome of a steampunky American Civil War using Ironclad Tactics and the extra kick provided by your hard-earned cards.

Sometimes the Hand of Fate deals you a nasty (back)hand and it’s up to your tactical and real-time combat skills to try and turn the tables on your enemies. Perhaps some of your secret Wildcards will help?

Shuffle & Roll these items of arcane power and see the tabletop battlefields shake with summoned monsters, mystical energies, and chaotic RNG. Luck might occasionally fail you but the discounts on these fine card/tabletop games won’t. The promo will last until April 8, 2:59 AM PDT / 5:59 AM EDT / 10:59 BST.

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