Release: 15 SNK NEO・GEO Classics

Classic Games

Return to the Arcade.

The wait is finally over: 15 -count ’em- 15 essential SNK NEO・GEO classics that no gamer should be without, are finally available DRM-free on!

These are the games that devoured our entire allowance when we were skipping school to beat them at the Arcade. For convenience’s sake, we’ve broken them down into three bundles:

METAL SLUG Bundle: Easily the most insatiable coin-eaters of the bunch, METAL SLUG 1, 2, 3, and X are still just as fun as you remember them from these blessed times. They all come sporting GOG Galaxy support complete with leaderboards, and -with the exception of METAL SLUG 2- both local and online multiplayer functionalities.

Fighting Classics Bundle: These games’ legacy is made up of fierce combos, brutal takedowns, and lots of broken controllers: FATAL FURY SPECIAL, SAMURAI SHODOWN 2, SAMURAI SHODOWN V, THE LAST BLADE, THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2000, and THE KING OF FIGHTERS 2002 CLASSIC. Are you up for a rematch? We thought so!

Arcade Games Bundle: The collection would not be complete without these lesser known but equally addictive hidden gems: BLAZING STAR, BASEBALL STARS 2, KING OF THE MONSTERS, SHOCK TROOPERS, and TWINKLE STAR SPRITES.

Get each game individually for -50% or together with its bundle for 75%.
These discounts will last until June 6, 1PM UTC.

NOTE: Make sure to check each game’s individual store page for details on their GOG Galaxy supported features.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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