Q&A with the developers of Tooth and Tail

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Find out what makes these deadly critters tick.

Looking forward to Tooth and Tail? It’s easy to see why: this is a fast-paced RTS starring furious furry animals who will do horrible things to each other for some meat scraps or tactical advantage. Then the questions come rushing in: what kinds of units will I be commanding? How customizable is my army going to be? Can a fox and a chameleon ever agree on matters of political rhetoric?

Andy Schatz, CEO and Creative Director of Tooth and Tail developers Pocketwatch Games, will be joining us in the comments section of this post, today at 8PM UTC, to answer all your questions.
If you have them prepared already, fire away and he will tackle them once he’s here.

Have fun, everyone, and remember: no biting or scratching allowed!

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