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Prepare for the horrors of the future, today.

Wasteland 2 Digital Deluxe Edition, the masterfully crafted continuation to the 1988s original post-apocalyptic RPG, is available for 10% off for pre-orders for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, on That’s $53.99 until September 19, when the game is expected to launch. Regional pricing applies for this title. If you end up paying more than $53.99, will give you back the difference in store credit, as per our Fair Price Package.

Wasteland 2 Digital Deluxe Edition, is the direct sequel to 1988’s Wasteland, the first-ever post-apocalyptic computer RPG and the inspiration behind the Fallout series. Until Wasteland, no other CRPG had ever allowed players to control and command individual party members for tactical purposes or given them the chance to make moral choices that would directly affect the world around them. Wasteland was a pioneer in multi-path problem solving, dripping in choice and consequence and eschewing the typical one-key-per-lock puzzle solving methods of its peers, in favor of putting the power into players’ hands to advance based on their own particular play style.

On Wasteland 2 Digital Deluxe Edition comes complete with a free copy of Wasteland – The Original Classic and inXile’s cult fantasy RPG, The Bard’s Tale (both bonus games will be delivered to you as gift-able codes). All that 10% off until September 19! Please note, that after the game launches, Wasteland 2 Digital Classic Edition (basically: what you’d call a “standard” edition) will also be offered, apart from the robust Deluxe edition you can pre-order now. An upgrade pack turning the standard edition into the Deluxe version will be available as well.

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