Contest: GOG-Game Videos 2014

Classic Games

Make a video about a game you love on, win Witcher 3 pre-order!

This week, we’re celebrating GOG’s 6th birthday, reminiscing about our gaming highlights over the years. Every single person on the team has a favorite title in our catalog of classic and modern games, that they can talk about for hours. But enough about us, let’s talk about you. What is your special game on Tell us about it!

Make a short video (no longer than ~7 minutes, please), presenting a game that you hold dear for one reason or another. Upload it publicly to YouTube or Vimeo making sure its name follows a certain format: [your name] + GOG-game Story: + [game title] (so, for example, mine would be “G-Doc’s GOG-game Story: Gobliiins Pack”). Include a comment “This, and many other DRM-free games can be found on” in the description of the video, also linking to the page of the game you feature. You can use the video footage from the game freely, mix it with footage of yourself, and do other creative things, that don’t violate copyright (be mindful of your background music choices!). Please be so kind, and end your video with the following image. Post your video in the comments below, just to be sure we won’t miss it.

You have time until Monday, September 22, at 9:59AM GMT, and after that a jury consisting of staffers will pick the winners within a week. Ten videos we like the most will receive a digital pre-order of “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (or its equivalent in gift codes, if they already own it). We reserve the option to also give away a number of runner up prizes.

So – what will be your special title on Tell us! Not sure how to do your video? No problem – we’ve held a similar challenge 2 years ago, and you can see the resulting videos – for inspiration and reference. Ok, are you ready? Start rolling!

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