Pre-order: The Blackwell Epiphany

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Spirit of cooperation.

The Blackwell Epiphany sets the atmosphere: a dead man’s soul cries out against the force of a ferocious blizzard. He cries for help. He cries for answers. Then he screams as he is torn apart like damp tissue paper. This wasn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last. The police are powerless to stop it, so the duty falls to the only ones who can. What force could be so powerful – and so malevolent – that it would destroy the very core of a life in order to get what it wants? Rosa Blackwell and Joey Mallone mean to find out, even if it means risking themselves in the process.

The Blackwell Epiphany comes with some very exciting pre-order exclusive content. For $14.99 You’ll be getting an extended demo of the game (available now, only on!), a full game soundtrack, video interviews with voice actors Abe Goldfarb (Joey) and Rebecca Whittaker (Rosa) discussing their work on the series, a New York City video tour with series creator Dave Gilbert showing and talking about the real-world locations that inspired the Blackwell games, and virtual invite to the Blackwell Epiphany launch party on the evening of April 24–all of the latter coming soon.

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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