Pre-order: Guild of Dungeoneering

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Become a keeper of dungeons.

Guild of Dungeoneering, a dungeon crawler with a 180 twist, is available to pre-order now, DRM-free on!

Guild of Dungeoneering offers roguelike progression, deck-building, and a fair bit of randomised hilarity. This is a game in which you’re not the adventurer – you are the adventure! Or rather, your are the dungeon. Instead of controlling your hero – you’re in charge of creating a playing field for them to explore. Collect unique cards to aid you in creating the perfect dungeoneering adventure – and whether everything goes according to plan, or things go hilariously wrong, Guild of Dungeoneering will always offer its own brand of joy.

Pre-order the game to receive “Pirates Cove” the first announced DLC pack for free! It’ll provide a twist on nearly every aspect of the game, and in the spirit of quality post-release support: will be released when it’s done.

Pre-order Guild of Dungeoneering today, DRM-free on!

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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