Master of Orion gets updated to phase 6, receives 2 DLCs

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Improvements, Terrans, and Retro Fleets.

Master of Orion is gearing closer and closer towards its full release and the game looks more intriguing with each passing day. Today Wargaming Labs released another update, bringing this ambitious 4X strategy up to the 6th version of its In Development lifecycle.

It brings a whole bunch of balance changes, functionality tweaks, AI upgrades, and two DLCs, accessible to everyone who has the Collector’s Edition:

Terran Khanate
Players who have it unlocked can use the Terrans but should also be prepared to face them as opponents. If a host of a multiplayer match owns the DLC, they can also add the Terran AI to the map.

Retro Fleets
Checking the option in the menu means that you will now be able to see the Retro Fleets in all their timeless glory but you can also hide them whenever you want.

This is the perfect time to engage in interstellar warfare and limitless exploration in the new, vibrant Master of Orion, DRM-free on

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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