Joe Covers 20th Anniversary of Duke II

Duke Nukem

By Yatta


Joe Siegler, former 3D Realms employee, reflects on the 20th anniversary of original Apogee games Duke Nukem II and Blake Stone. It’s worth a read!
It’s December 3rd, 2013. That means that 20 years ago, it was December 3rd, 1993. What is the big deal with that? Well, a company I worked for released two new games on that date. “Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold”, and “Duke Nukem II”. That’s right, Apogee (my Apogee, not the current one – from here referred to as just “Apogee”) put out a couple of new games that day. If I was still at my former job, this is the kind of piece I’d write for the website. But I’m not there anymore, and I didn’t want the dates to pass unremarked. So here we go. A few thoughts from me on these two titles.

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