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This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Ep.1: Giants: Citizen Kabuto

We are proud to announce a new partnership: is now sponsoring TotalBiscuit’s Axiom eSports team! The good news here for all GOGgers is another cool way we can showcase our best titles to you. Here is the first step: TB has re-launched “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”! If you’re new to the the Cynical Brit’s Youtube channel, the series is a retrospective look at the best and most influential titles in gaming history, that for one reason or another did not make zillions of $.Here is the first of a series of monthly videos – an in-depth look at Giants: Citizen Kabuto! You can still grab this awesome title 50% off, alongside other Interplay Immortals, until Tuesday, August 5, at 3:59AM GMT. Stay tuned for more GOG-themed videos from TB and Axiom!

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