Interview: Rand Miller talks Myst 25th Anniversary

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Discussing the Myst legacy and going into a new Age.

One of the most iconic franchises in videogame history and the series that pretty much legitimized the first-person puzzle/adventure sub-genre, is turning 25 this year.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’ve brought Myst III: Exile and Myst IV: Revelation to GOG – the two lost chapters of the saga that have been unavailable for purchase since forever.
Now we’re putting the cherry on top of this anniversary cake with a brief interview with Rand Miller, CEO of Cyan Worlds. Enjoy!

The Myst games have been widely praised for their intricate backstory and deliberate design, always consistent with their world’s internal logic. Did you have all that mapped out when you started developing the series, or was it an emergent process?

Rand: Myst was mapped out and deliberate. Every location, each age, the buildings and puzzles were all documented by my brother Robyn and me. Toward the middle of that process we started thinking about more details that would fill out the larger story that surrounded the events of Myst – and that’s where the D’ni story came from. We weren’t sure if the larger story would ever see the light of day, but as it began to take shape, it actually began to turn back and affect elements of the game. It was a very interesting recursive process that we still use to design games here at Cyan. We hope that it’s that internal logic that makes our stories seem more authentic and less like just a game.

Building quality is one thing but gaining this level of loyalty is quite another. What do you think is the element(s) that keeps the Myst brand so strong over the years, with fans showing their support consistently on your Kickstarter projects and beyond? What …read more

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