Weekly Sale: Snacks to last you seven days – Up to 90% off

Classic Games

Mmm, nutritious.

Know these nights where you wanna order in but you just don’t know what you’re in the mood for? Now, wouldn’t it be cool if -instead of having to pick pizza for the umpteenth time- you could get a snack sampler with several delicacies from a dozen different places? Pretty much like this Weekly Sale!
Here are a couple of standout samples:

Bouncy, explosive, mean, but mostly downright cute. Those colorful blobs need a steady hand and adaptive mind to put them in order in this wacky and endlessly rewarding action/adventure. As a Slime Rancher extraordinaire, you are exactly the right person for the job.

They are coming at you. Wailing, moaning, clattering, and writhing, the floating horrors of the abyss are after your soft, squishy flesh. All you have to stave them off is an endless supply of Devil Daggers and your wicked-quick reflexes. But how many seconds will these buy you?

The Weekly Sale ends July 9, 10 PM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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