Indie Gem Promo: Defender’s Quest

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A perfect mix of tower defense and RPG, now both in fantasy and Sci-Fi flavor!

Did you ever want to have special psychic powers that would let you toy with souls of living human beings and bind them to your will? Please don’t answer. Azra, the Royal Librarian, never asked for such a thing. In fact, she never asked for any of the ordeals that fate put her through. But–willing or not–she’s become a hero and the future of her homeland depends solely on her. All because of her suddenly discovered ability to turn her companions into etheric specters and command them like pawns around a battlefield existing outside space and time. Wanna hear a secret? She’s starting to enjoy it.

Defender’s Quest does many things that many games fail to do. First of all, it’s a tower defense game that never gets boring. That’s mostly achieved by mixing in many RPG elements. That leads us to another thing that this game gets right–mixing genres. Nine times out of ten combining so very different gaming philosophies will backfire. Here, we’ve got the lucky number ten, that managed to hit the sweet spot and emerge as a perfect and seamless combination. The …read more

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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