Happy New Year! Tower of Guns Special Stream & Sale

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Party at Twitch.tv/GOGcom 5-hour stream with Tower of Guns fireworks at -75%!

GOG.com heartily invites you to join us for a very special New Year celebration. Starting from Midnight London time, tune in to Twitch.tv/GOGcom, for some a-grade FPS gaming entertainment that will let us all welcome 2015 with a proper BANG! Our friend Chris of the Memories in 8-bit YouTube channel will be the master of ceremony and the game to provide us all the fireworks will be Tower of Guns! Chris used to be a beta-tester for that title, so he knows the dreaded tower by heart. Or does he? The question remains: how many times will he beat the game in 5 hours – the time that New Year needs to travel from the Old World to the New World across the Pacific Ocean? Join us to find out, and blast yourself into a whole new year of radical gaming!

Join us tonight for a gaming celebration, and follow Twitch.tv/GOGcom for many more fantastic streams of games classic and new, brought to you by the passionate GOG community members, guest-stars, game developers, and GOG team members. Remember: following our channel makes you feel good!

Tower of Guns, the extravagantly explosive first person shooter in which you storm a enemy-filled tower that is randomized to offer a different experience with each exciting play-through, is available 75% off on GOG.com for the next 24 hours.

The GOG.com team wishes all gamers across the globe a happy new year of gaming! May 2015 bring us only joy and all the great games we could ever wish for (as well as time to play, savor, and appreciate them all). Let gaming be gaming.

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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