Series Gem Promo: Little Big Adventure 1&2

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The Little Big Adventure series remains the pinnacle of storytelling to this day. Back in the 90s the magicians at Adeline Software were able to create a genre-transcending masterpiece, that pulled you in for long hours and constantly surprised gamers with fresh and daring ideas. The story leads the plucky hero, Twinsen, through a world of wonder and beauty agitated only by the shadow of impending doom. In LBA 1 you will try to stop the evil Dr.Funfrock from enslaving your world, and in LBA 2 you’ll have to save the planet from total annihilation plotted by an alien race. Both games features state-of-the-art animation, that made both the funny and disturbing moments feel fantastical and yet alarmingly real. With plenty of puzzle-solving, challenging combat, unforgettable characters, and, above all, an engaging story, the series has instantly become a benchmark for imaginative game design and remains a strong influence for generations of devs and gamers alike.

If you value unrestrained imagination and love to lose yourself in a gripping story, grab both Little Big Adventure games–for as little as $3.58! The offer lasts until Tuesday, August 26, at 9:59AM GMT.

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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