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GhostTown Made in 2014 :
A map somewhat based from the single player level Ghost Town featured in Duke Nukem Forever and Zero Hour. Nothing is an exact duplicate and is all made by me. Features a house named “Gun Crazy” (which is my own¬†parody of the DN64) and a few other cool places. You could find the key cards and just keep going or have fun exploring the many secrets, routes, cracks portals and enemies the map has. Supports Single player/ Coop/ DM. Bullerbuller7 was my tester and helped alot.

Single Player: Duke is on his way home flying over the desert when his ride is shot down once again! They are going to have to pay for that to. Duke lands in a desert town filled with ghostly spirits but of course isn’t scared. He has to fight his way out of this haunting. Before Duke himself is a ghost also.

Coop: good for 2-4 players

Duke Match: Good for 2-8 players and is a great size made for DM with alot of weapons and pick up to get.

Music: Duke Nukem Zero Hour’s “Ghost Town” theme

Tester: Bullerbuller7

Can be downloaded on the steam workshop as well.

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