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Get the whole cinematic 3-parter bundled for only $8.97!

The story of Brian Bosco and his companion Gina start off small, soon to unleash a tide of intense events that will turn a simple collage student into an eccentric daredevil detective who laughs in the face of danger. Well, it might be hysterical laughter of a madman at times, or a nervous giggle of a person terrified for their life, but he sure has a way of approaching grim-looking situations with a lot of humor. Whether he’s running for his life with mob breathing down his neck, crushing in a plane on a mysterious tropical island, or faking his own death to get away from a mental asylum and clear himself from murder charges, he always manages to keep a smile on his face. Paired with terror and craziness in his eyes, but a smile nonetheless.

Runaway Trilogy is one of the most cinematic adventure game series ever made. Looking and sounding better with every iteration it ended up with impressive animation, top-notch voice acting, and a movie-worthy soundtrack it’s a true gem in its genre. The games mix classic point-and-click design with non-linear gameplay elements, well-executed comedy, and a story full of of surprising turns. Brace yourselves for a non-stop full throttle mad ride through all three installments of the highly polished adventure series, coming from a team of people who make adventure games since 1994!

Promo Runaway, a cinematic point-and-click trilogy: A Road Adventure, The Dream of The Turtle, and A Twist of Fate bundled for $8.97 until Tuesday, May 20, at 9:59AM GMT. You can also get them separately with 50% discount on one, or 60% discount on two games. Titles already owned count towards the higher discount rate.

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