Contest: Share your most awesome city-building moment

Classic Games

Remember when that giant cyclops stomped on the mayor? Good times.

Three critically acclaimed city-builders arrived today, as digital exclusives, on Caesar, Caesar II, and Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom. To celebrate, we’ve built a fun little contest for those of you that are anxious to try or revisit them!

Share with us a story describing your favorite (funniest, most nostalgic, most epic, or even most embarrassing) moment playing city builder games in the comments below, and take your chance at winning one of the 10 game keys for one of the three freshly released titles – the choice is yours.

Be creative: it’ll be originality and wit that will win you our hearts and turn your story into a success story. So go ahead and spin us a tale – these historical city-builders are looking forward to joining your collection!

Deadline for entries is Monday, February 13, 2PM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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