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The quest for power ultimate.

The When you hear the expression “Cosmic Forge”, what image comes to your mind? A gleaming nebula pulsating with primal energy, suspended in the dark cold void of the still young and empty Universe? A mystical smithy of wizard marble on the top of the highest mountain, where the ancient gods forge the matter of the world and the destiny of the mortals? A place where where master craftsmen create mighty weapons for angels and demons? All the ideas seem plausible, but The Cosmic Forge is in fact–wait for it–a pen. An ancient artifact which can be used to rewrite reality at its users whim. Such power is, of course, greatly desired by all who seek dominion over the Universe. It’s up to you, and your party of daring adventurers to secure it first, and use it for the right purpose. Your purpose.

Opening the Dark Savant Trilogy, Wizardry 6: Bane of the Cosmic Forge came in 1990 setting some standards for what we call a challenging and complex dungeon crawler. Then, in 1992, it was followed by Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant which brought in even more depth and diversity into the already epic setting. Nine years later, the story was concluded with Wizardry 8, that successfuly bridged the gap between what we call old-time and modern RPG gameplay. The trilogy as a whole, takes 500 hours to beat at the average and remains a shiny example of how epic a computer game can get. Be warned: this isn’t your casual role-playing. Prepare for a hardcore challenge!

Treat yourself to a huge chunk of PC RPG history. Get Wizardry 6+7 and Wizardry 8 up to 70% off today, on That’s only $4.78 for the entire Dark Savant Trilogy. If you already own one of the games it will count towards the discount rate. The promo lasts until Tuesday, April 8, at 9:59AM GMT.

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