Battle of the Games 2014: Tag Team Game Rumble!

Classic Games

What do you call a tag-team of three?

Can you hear the sound of crowds going wild? Can you hear the epic guitar riffs going off? Can you hear the sound of muscular bodies slamming against the arena floor? No, it’s not the echoes of Wrestlemania XXX. It’s our very own special Battle of the Games 2014 promo, with stables of amazing games facing off each other three by three in explosive combat. You, dear GOGgers, are the referees. You get to decide which team should be awarded the belt of ultimate badassdom, that comes with a 24-hour 75% discount. The other team will have to settle for the runner-up prize of a photo souvenir and 60% off discount. The battle starts NOW!

Step right into the middle of the action, go to the promo page and vote for your favorite team. If it wins, you’ll see its games discounted by 75% off, tomorrow. Today, you can already grab some heavily discounted games as well! To work up your appetite for the fights to come, The Witcher and The Witcher 2 are 80% off, Blackguards Special Edition is 50% off, and the first three Heroes of Might and Magic titles are 75% off.

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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