Duke Nukem Duke Nukem 3D Maps


Made in 2014: Download on Steam or from here

A map that takes place in a grungy city at night that has been taken over by aliens, with a Duke Nukem visits Baltimore type of feel. Duke plans to check in on his house he owns in the city but things are all wrong. I added a “Gun Crazy” building and a stripper place named after Duke Nukem Zero Hours “The Booby Trap” also The title of the map is based on Duke Nukem Zero Hours “Mean streets” level. But is not a remake in anyway. Hope you enjoy

Single player : Duke needs to take the city back from the aliens that have made this place there home and who ever is in charge needs to pay for that. Make sure to stop at Gun Crazy for all the good stuff you will need to make it through this infestation.
-blue card
-yellow card
-red card
boss fight
4 secrets

Coop- Good for up to 5 players and theres enough aliens to share. But the weapons i have placed are for multiplayer DM so in co op there will be a hole lot of ammo xD

Duke Match- Good for up to 8 players best with 4 and up. The map is made to fit for Duke match with a tactical yet easy to find weapons and players nature. Weapons are everywhere won’t ever be searching. Players decide where the battle can take place.

Music: Duke Nukems Zero Hour Mean Streets theme

Tester: Bullerbuller7

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