Achievement Unlocked: 1000 Digital Boxes

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If you’ve been hanging around for a while, especially in the games tab, you may have noticed that the growing number of items on our virtual shelf was inching closer and closer to our very first thousand – lo and behold, just this week we made it through our first 1k.

We could start off by thanking the Academy, our moms, and hoping for world peace – and it’s not that we don’t want to say all those things, but before we do, we want to thank the most important people that made it possible – all of YOU. It may sound a bit turgid and you might not believe that we’re tearing up a little as we click “publish” on this piece of news, but you guys are the ones that make what it is and our reason to continue bringing you more great games.

Before we break out the fruit punch, though, we want to honor those of you who almost caught up with us. We dug through our records and picked fifty users that have the most boxes on their own virtual shelves.

Let’s all give an alphabetically ordered round of applause to:

Antarian, astrugar710, atomsword, AutumnYears, baketomato, Barry_Woodward, benjam47, budejovice, CuriousTwoAtGOG, Darthmort, Disciple_of_Doom, djr155, DonCorleon, Gersen, gorrrrrr, Heirgeir, howardtduck2005, ilcollezionista, jabba1971, JDelekto, KajQrd, kiwy, Kodijack, kotokimura, Lafazar, liquidBass, lobo_1, Loenas, maweball, mrkgnao, MTR77, Murfallo, mwmwm, n0nam3, OlK76, onthemike, palyea, Pantoprazol, sbaylus, Serpico, ShadowWulfe, Silvanus2004, soulroar, tippete, TrevWar, turbond, vasyl, VuA, xckx, and ZombieGum.

We will be contacting these guys personally for T-shirt sizes and mailing addresses for a little, personalized thank-you. We are off to celebrate – but before we go, here’s to another thousand digital boxes on the shelf!

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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