6th Birthday Promo: Year 1

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GOG.com is celebrating 6th birthday: different games up to 80% off each day!

For six years now, we’ve been building a library of great games of many genres, ages, and origins. One by one they were introduced to our catalog, publisher by publisher, developer by developer, series by series. We’ve started small, with just a couple dozen of games and a small crew of passionate gamers. Then we grew. Each year was exciting and brought excellent additions to our offer. This week, we’d like to go back to GOG.com history, taking you on a little trip down the memory lane. Each day we’ll be taking some of the games we’ve released in a given year of GOG’s existence, and offering them to you up to 80% off.

It was 2008 when we’ve launched our service to the public, offering a modest collection of golden classics that every PC gamer would instantly recognize, in other words: the Interplay catalog. During the first year in business (September 2008 – September 2009) we’ve released a nice number of exciting titles and you’ve reacted to them accordingly. Here’s an enthusiastic review of Unreal Tournament 2004 from our user Sarge:

This game is a must have if you call yourself a PC gamer. It’s fun, it’s fast, and the amount of user content will blow your mind! There are mods that can turn the game into an RTS, a horror game, a space opera, and much more. I bought this game when it came out and it was a blast just by itself, but with the amount of stuff you can add to it, it’s easy to call it a gaming platform. There are still many servers with many people playing today.

What was true back then remains true now: Unreal Tournament 2004 is still quite a popular choice for PC gamers looking for a multiplayer shooter. The year 2008/2009 brought many more exciting titles including Beyond Good and Evil, Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Complete Edition, or Jagged Alliance 2. You can grab them – and many more – up to 80% off – from our 6th Birthday Promo page, today!

Today’s featured games will remain discounted until Tuesday, September 9, at 9:59AM GMT so don’t miss your chance! Come back tomorrow and continue the celebration, with a new set of memorable titles from yet another year with GOG.com! Finally, if you’re in the mood to reminisce, think about taking part in our GOG-Game Video Contest. Thanks for being with us!

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