It definitely takes more than just a long flight over the ocean.

Japanese games are largely governed by a unique aesthetic approach, while at the same time offering a unique perspective in storytelling and gameplay mechanics. It’s what makes them instantly distinguishable from their western counterparts, why we’re so fond of them, and why we gathered them together for our current Kawaii Sale.

But some of these differences can also make their transition to the global market challenging. Ken Barry, executive Vice President of XSEED, is one of the people whose mission is to overcome those obstacles and bring some of the most popular Japanese games to the rest of the world.

What are the main challenges of bringing Japanese games to the Western market?

I would say cultural issues as they pertain to text are still a major challenge, though to varying degrees for each project. As a recent example, our parent company Marvelous put out a game called NetHigh for Vita in Japan not too long ago where the gameplay focused on solving puzzles a la the Ace Attorney games, but instead of solving cases in a courtroom you’re trying to reveal the true identity of people on the internet. Our hopes of being able to localize it were quickly dashed once we realized that most of the puzzles were based on Japanese puns and wordplay using written kanji characters which often have multiple meanings. Seeing that it also had a lot of text displaying from top to bottom rather than our way of reading from left to right sealed its fate of definitely not coming to the West.

The rest of the world seems much more receptive to everything Japanese these days but there are still things keeping the markets apart. What are those differences, in your experience? …read more

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Raid perilous ruins or stem the tide of evil to reach your queen.

Another batch of wonderfully idiosyncratic games join our Kawaii Sale. Let’s brew them some tea and sit around the cherry trees!

What awaits you in the fabled La-Mulana ruins? Untold riches and precariously placed weapons? Devious traps and gigantic monsters? Or forbidden ancient knowledge that mankind is not supposed to obtain? It’s all of that and more, as long as you’re able to sidestep the challenges of this spectacular, free-roaming platformer.

Everything looks different Under the Moonlight: aloof, eerie, magical. But the monsters that roam the land do not get fazed by such lyrical conventions – they’re out to stop you from meeting your all-powerful queen and restoring this accursed land.

That’s not all, though! The Sakura season continues with: D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die Season One, The Silver Case, Astebreed and more, up to -75%! Don’t forget – there are just a few days left to grab what you want!

Did you miss Monday’s launch of our Kawaii Sale? Check it out – it’s full of grand adventures and the unrelenting challenges of dating.

The Kawaii Sale will last until February 27, 5:00 PM GMT.

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Are you keeping count?

Hey watchers, we’re celebrating! Our Twitch channel recently reached 40,000 followers and we want to say “thank you” in the most appropriate way. So get yourselves comfortable and brew a cauldron of your favorite hot beverage, because we’re taking you with us: it’s a 40-hour streaming marathon, with 40 games, plenty of streamers, and 40 giveaways.

The marathon is already underway but don’t worry if you’ve missed some games – it will keep going until Saturday, 5PM UTC.
Tune in now for another round of Planescape: Torment streaming with developer Colin McComb, starting today, at 5PM UTC.
Also keep an eye out for a multiplayer stream of Project Zomboid, on Friday, 9AM and Dear Esther: Landmark Edition on Friday, 5PM.

40 games in total will participate in our celebratory marathon, including Giants: Citizen Kabuto, Doom, Thief II, System Shock 2, Theme Hospital, Turok, and FTL.
Each game will have a copy given out by its streamer so make sure to drop by for a chance to try them out yourself.

So stock up on snacks and eye-drops, and join us in our special Twitch stream!

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Plus: all other 2K Games are now up to -75%!

Hidden & Dangerous Action Pack and Hidden & Dangerous 2, the tactical WWII shooters where every bullet counts, are now available as digital exclusives on
For a proper welcome, we’re holding a 2K Games Sale, where the entire catalog is up to 75% off!

More often than not, strength or numbers are not the deciding factors of victory; tactics are. A squad of fine British Special Air Service lads with co-ordinated moves, smart shooting, and carefully chosen loadout can disrupt the most dense enemy forces as long as they stay Hidden & Dangerous.

The sequel, Hidden & Dangerous 2, expands on the gameplay mechanics that let you switch between a third-person and first-person view, while also adding more stealth and subterfuge options. This time, our team is assassinating targets, sabotaging equipment, and rescuing prisoners in even more diverse locations across Europe, Africa, and Asia.

In order to welcome the two H&D games in our 2K Games squad, the rest of their catalog is now on sale, with titles like X-Com: Terror from the Deep, Army Men, and Freedom Force going for up to 75% off.
The 2K Games sale lasts until February 27, 5PM UTC.

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One great game, two quite different editions.

Hidden & Dangerous Action Pack, the classic WWII tactical shooter that just arrived on, contains the original game plus its expansion – all carefully tweaked and tested to work on modern systems. However, there’s another version of that game known as Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe and we’ve also included that as a free bonus goodie with the original!

This Deluxe edition was released for free as a commercial promotion for the game’s sequel back in 2003, the year that Hidden & Dangerous 2 first came out. Despite having essentially the same content, the original and the Deluxe edition are quite different from each other, and deciding on which one is the “best” comes down mostly to a matter of preference. Some users appreciated the higher resolution textures and map editor available in Deluxe. Others criticized the questionable changes made in certain maps and the noticeable repetition in your squad mates’ faces.

Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe is still available as freeware in certain places but now also included as a free bonus with the Action Pack. More importantly, though, the original Hidden & Dangerous is now available as a digital download for the first time, so if you’re looking to experience the game in its most faithful and functional reincarnation yet, this is the time to strike!

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Through a sea of secrets.

Herald: An Interactive Period Drama – Book I & II, a choice-driven adventure set in the 19th century, is now available, DRM-free on!

It’s no secret that the colonial times were a period of inequality and deep-seated prejudice. But the purpose of the Herald’s fateful voyage? Now that’s a very well-kept secret, one which Devan, a steward of mixed heritage, will have to uncover by chatting with the passengers and carefully exploring the ship.

Book I & II form the basis of the story. The two remaining Books will arrive as purchasable DLC and conclude Devan’s journey.

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Hello darkness, my old friends.

Night in the Woods, an offbeat but strangely relatable story about reconsidering your life choices, is now available DRM-free on

When Mae returns to her hometown after three unfruitful semesters in college, everything seems changed: her friends have moved on, the city mines have closed down, and weird stuff is happening every night in the nearby woods. Oh, also Mae can now use astral projection.

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Sakura Season begins on with games up to 75% off!

Welcome to Japan! It’s a quite enchanting, slightly bizarre, and totally fascinating place – plus it’s absolutely beautiful during the cherry blossom season! We’ve found a pretty convenient way to get spirited away there and take you with us: through the magic of videogames. Everything in this Kawaii Sale has been touched or inspired by those unique Japanese sensibilities we’ve grown to love and is up to 75% off.

It’s not just the extravagant haircuts, the expressive eyes, or the colorful creatures – there’s something timeless about these games that always makes us feel young at heart.
Grandia II Anniversary Edition is a prime example of an archetypical jRPG whose charms never fade. When Gaming Nexus reviewed the game, they concluded that “this updated re-release is a testament to how much fun a well-crafted turn-based role-playing game can be.”

Less epic, but definitely not less memorable, Hatoful Boyfriend made IGN admit that “it has a strange premise and though it embraces that weirdness fully, it is able to surpass the label of silly dating sim by presenting interesting themes and characters through strong writing”.

Are you a fan of narrative-driven, turn-based fantasy? Then you’ll love The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky! RPGFan described it as “a slow-paced but charismatic RPG with an incredibly well-crafted world and characters”.

As always, there’s more – including up to 75% off Corpse Party, Way of the Samurai 4, and Xanadu Next. Plus, stay tuned for new games and deals this Friday!

The Kawaii Sale will last until February 27, 5PM UTC.

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The recently introduced Nilfgaard faction received the most tweaks.

A new update for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is now available on PC and Xbox One!

The main focus of this this update is to improve balance, solve some of the major issues that were affecting gameplay, and improve how Nilfgaard works – especially strategies focusing on revealing cards. A lot of Nilfgaard gold cards have also received strength improvements (details below).

Another big change is for the Clan Tuirseach Axeman card – its ability now only works with units damaged on the opponent’s side.

The full list of changes, sorted by faction, is available here.

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There is no glory without loss.

Cossacks 3: Rise to Glory a DLC with two fresh campaigns, new units, and several other additions for the conflict-based RTS, is now available DRM-free on! This DLC is also part of the Digital Deluxe edition.

This DLC pack brings more nations to clash swords with or rally behind: play the Prussian and Swedish campaigns, use 3 completely new units, meet the Bavarians and Saxons in battle, and fight in several new, snow-covered locations.

To celebrate, all editions of the base game, plus the Days of Brilliance DLC are now 15% off until February 20, 8PM UTC.

Note: After February 22nd, the nations of Bavaria and Saxony will become available to everyone for free.

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