Acquiring the taste.

Flavour Nexus, a crunchy DLC nugget for the absurd psychoactive adventure Jazzpunk, is now available, DRM-Free on The base game has also been updated to the expanded and even more unhinged Director’s Cut for free.

Secret agent Polyblank was absolutely cut out for this job: to infiltrate the Flavour Nexus and look for the elusive Long Lost Tastebud. But you can’t make a spy mess without breaking a few rules, so it’s fortunate that he has the licence to lick and chomp on every delicious piece of evidence or gizmo he can find. It’s an open buffet of experimental fun – as long as he lives to digest the tale.

GOG exclusive offer: Anyone who pre-orders or has already pre-ordered Hello Neighbor will get a FREE copy of Jazzpunk: Director’s Cut added to their account right away.

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CD PROJEKT RED, creators of The Witcher series of games, invites gamers to gamescom 2017 in Cologne, Germany. The studio will be showcasing its latest title, GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, with an official tournament taking place during the show.

The gamescom tournament will be a 2-day event starting August 25th, with the final match set for August 26th. It will be held at the GWENT booth in the Entertainment Area (hall 8, stand B021), where all throughout gamescom the studio will be presenting new content coming to the game.

Signups for the tournament and more information are both available here.

A total of 8 players will compete for a piece of the $25,000 prize pool. 7 will be the top players among those who signed up to participate in the tournament, determined by their ranking on August 1st, 2PM UTC. The 8th player will be decided the winner of an additional Wild Card Qualifiers event held on August 24th, prior to the main event, at the GWENT booth. The tournament is part of a larger esports plan for GWENT to be revealed during the show.

More information about GWENT is available on

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Mowing down hordes of pathetic fleshbags? Priceless.

BUTCHER, the platform/shooter of frantic pixelated gore has just received a free update which adds three additional, blood-soaked levels: Drone Creation, Basic Testing, and Arena Testing. To access them, either use the level browser or start a campaign on another (temporary) save slot.

All three take place aboard the Mothership, right before the events of the game’s intro, and they are also available to play in the form of a free Demo.

So, what are you waiting for? Put on your cyborg skin and start cutting down those squishy humans.

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Everything Interplay 60% off | Price change incoming.

Ever had a really really cool staycation? You know, one where you get some time off just so that you can lock yourself in and chill by your favorite screen, armed with mountains of unwholesome snacks, several gallons of energizing beverages and the all-powerful A/C remote by your side? Well the Interplay Staycation is shaping up to be a pretty epic one!
These golden classics will soon have their prices increased so don’t dally: grab them now for 60% off and prepare for a glorious house-sitting session.

You want to start with something that has oodles of atmosphere, intriguing story, and enough combat bits to keep you on your toes: Stonekeep, Lionheart or Lost Eden are all good warm-up choices. Now take the action up a notch with Earthworm Jim‘s wacky platforming, MDK‘s chaotic antics, Shogo‘s intense gunplay, or Freespace 2‘s magnificent explosions. Time to top if off with class: Treat yourself to the diverse and ridiculously entertaining Sacrifice and Giants: Citizen Kabuto, two unique gaming experiences that are enough to make this staycation totally worth it!

These are just some of the neat Interplay treasures on offer, though. There’s also Toonstruck, Prehistorik 1+2, Redneck Rampage, plenty of Star Trek and more to choose from!

The special Interplay Staycation Sale will last until July 31, 3 PM UTC.

The price change on the Interplay catalog will be applied after the sale is concluded.

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Worlds of adventure, battlefields of tactical action, and a dollop of heavy metal!

You like pointing at things and then clicking on them? How about clicking with them? Because this Weekly Sale Vol. 24 has plenty of stuff you can get along with juuuuust swimmingly. There’s plenty of adventure, a little bit of action, and a touch of strategy here to get you sorted.
Come this way for a closer look at some of them, if you will:

Every young boy dreams of becoming a wizard at some point in their lives. Harr–Jerry will get that chance on a fateful Night of the Rabbit, and his talent, compassion, and resourcefulness might very well save all residents of Mousewood.

A terrible affliction is keeping the population firmly under the aristocracy’s heel. Amidst the gross exploitation of the downtrodden and the raging superstition, Amy must uncover the Shardlight‘s secrets and find a way to give this post-apocalyptic world a future to look forward to.

As always, there is more: Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, Slain: Back from Hell, Candle, Caravan, Blackwell series, Primordia, and plenty of others!

The Weekly Sale Vol. 24 will last until July 31, 4 PM UTC.

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Yeah, size matters sometimes. Whether you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, or for something you’ll actually finish this time – it’s good to know what you’re getting into before choosing your next game. With
Playtime: ~60 Hours

The longest title of our highlights is also one of our favorites of the bunch. Well, actually it is probably just our favorite, period. Divinity: Original Sin was our 2014 game of the year. Featuring an incredibly engaging turn based combat system, a stellar soundtrack by the late Kirill Pokrovsky, and a huge world-saving quest, we definitely suggest that anyone with the time and interest give Original Sin a spin.
Deep systems for crafting, exploration, combat, and party-building, the game is feature rich in every way. At the same time, the game differs from some of its contemporaries by injecting a bit of whimsy into the game in a way that only Larian can – early in the game you will teleport into someone’s bathroom, and you’ll converse with a dog to try to solve the mystery of his owner’s murder. The game is even better with a friend: you can play it completely in on-line cooperative mode. We are especially excited for the sequel releasing in full later this year!

Pillars of Eternity (60% off)

Playtime: ~40 Hours

We’ve talked a lot about Pillars of Eternity. We think it’s pretty good, great even! There’s some new zeitgeist around Obsidian’s kickstarter darling again as the game is set for a console release next month with Deadfire releasing at some point early next year. With their penchant for strong writing and one-of-a-kind characterization, Pillars of Eternity is definitely a title for someone looking to get lost inside a mammoth rpg world unlike most others.
It is one of the longer games on this …read more

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Starting from a young mage.

Mages of Mystralia, an enchanting action/adventure for students of the arcane, is now available, DRM-Free on with a 10% launch discount.

Magic and its practitioners are officially outlawed, but Zia is not one to turn away from her birthright. No, she will set out to master and perfect her newfound powers, gather runes, craft formidable and versatile spells, seek out exiled allies, and solve tricky environmental puzzles. Your spellbook is your ultimate weapon – make sure to write it properly.

To get fully immersed in this magical world, go ahead and grab the lovely OST. Buy it together with the game for a 20% discount.

The 10% discount will last until July 28, 2PM UTC.

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The definitive version of the emotional adventure is here and -40%.

Dreamfall Chapters: The Final Cut has just arrived, bringing significant improvements across the board. Current owners of the game will receive this for free and anyone who was still on the fence can now get it 40% off for a week.

This marks the end of a very long journey, but the wait was more than worth it. The Final Cut adds an in-game map, character library, playable deleted scenes, and a concept art gallery but also several things that both newcomers and veterans will appreciate, like:

– Improved art and sound: tweaked character models, improved lighting, an expanded soundtrack, remastered voice-overs and reworked sound effects
– Various gameplay tweaks
– Improved performance
– Improved German and French localization
– Support for save slots
– Updated engine
– Lots of smaller bugfixes

Those who already own the original’s Special Edition will also receive the Final Cut OST for free.

The 40% discount will last until July 28, 3PM UTC.

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A fine selection of deals picked by Jesse, up -90%.

Jesse is love. Jesse is life. Jesse is massive discounts on games you will love for life. To celebrate the CoxCon convention, which is already underway, Jesse Cox picked for us a selection of GOG games he enjoys playing and streaming. Time-resistant classics, modern indie darlings, madcap delights – there’s something here for everyone.
Just look at some of them:

Sure, she doesn’t have the sunniest disposition among college girls her age, but what Kathy Rain lacks in manners she makes up for in grit, wit, and supernatural affinity. Which are the perfect qualities, when one needs to solve a decades-old mystery involving small-town secrets and sinister forces.

Why go on a predetermined journey, when you can build your own? Book your one-way ticket to Terraria and lose yourself in its sandbox exploration, fascinating encounters, bizarre constructions, and endless opportunities for adventure!

Want more? Darkest Dungeon, Hollow Knight, FTL, Dungeon Keeper 2, SUPERHOT, Oxenfree, Dragon Age: Origins and many others are also part of this special sale!

But CoxCon is not just about sweet deals and happy faces: Jesse’s band of merry man (and women) have put together a cheeky GWENT tournament, as well as a Scare Games Squad Stream for you to watch. Catch the Jessiflora Tournament on Saturday, 4:30 PM UTC and stick around for some roaring scares, starting on the same day at 6:30 PM UTC.

The special CoxCon Sale will last until July 24, 3 PM UTC.

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A Knight to remember.

Batman: The Enemy Within, the next chapter in Bruce Wayne’s ongoing battle for both his and Gotham’s soul, is now available for preorder, DRM-Free on with a 10% discount.

Something once again stirs in the shadows. A series of sinister puzzles mark the Riddler’s dreaded return to Gotham but his horrible crimes may prove to be nothing more than a distraction. As a rough federal agent enters the scene uninvited and Joker slowly reaches his psychotic potential, Bruce Wayne needs to pick his alliances carefully if he wants to survive another night without losing himself to it.

The 10% discount will last until the game’s expected release on August 8.

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