Weekly Staff Picks: Yuri’s Night

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Poyekhali! Austin High, FTL, Lifeless Planet and more up to -70%.

Happy (belated) International Cosmonautics day! It was 54 years ago that Yuri Gagarin took the Vostok 1 into earth’s orbit – the first manned spaceflight. This week we’re organizing our very own Yuri’s Night celebration, with five brilliant titles orbiting around discounts as high as 70%.

Have you ever been fascinated by the loneliness of deep-space infinity? What it must have been like, cooped up all alone in a tiny space-pod? FTL is the huge, procedurally-generated, spaceship simulation roguelike-like that offers an unprecedented sense of vastness and no-return. Yuri Gagarin’s trip went flawlessly, but can you imagine yourself crash-landed on a Lifeless Planet, exploring the nooks and crannies of a dead, but strangely familiar, world? The quest for space knowledge may have started with Yuri – but you can continue it as you study new and intriguing life-forms across the depths and surface of Waking Mars. Sometimes, you might just discover something you don’t like. Sometimes it’s time to dig your heels in and defend against an alien onslaught in the turn-based tactical Halfway, or carry out your own assault in Total Annihilation.

We can’t all go into space, but we can try the next best thing – join us for this week’s celebration of Yuri’s Night, and live out five space fantasies up to 70% off, until Thursday, April 23, at 9:59 AM GMT.

Oh yeah, Austin High is 75% off today (until 4/21, 9:59 AM GMT), but we can’t say why.

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