Weekly Staff Picks: Weapon of Choice

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Up to 75% off Saints Row: The Third, Transistor, and Painkiller.

What good is gunplay without great guns… If you had to choose between a submachine gun and a shark-launcher, which one would you pick? Be honest. Weekly Staff Picks: Weapon of Choice is all about three of our favorite arsenals that offer the most inventive, absurd, and uberbrutal weapons to choose from, happily so at discounts between 50-75% off!

We gotta start with Saints Row: The Third, if only because its the most in-your-face of them all. Even before the anticipated premiere, the uncomfortable “Penetrator” was already making rounds across the world wide web (google at your own discretion). In SR3, deep beneath layers of weirdness and absurdity lies another tool of chaos that’s about as subtle as bulldozer sneaking through a minefield: the one and only Shark-O-Matic. Avast, fiends! The scourge of the seas now flies and goes boom!
The Transistor, a technologically-advanced and dangerous tool of destruction. A weapon that doesn’t simply kill… but also claims the remaining traces of every human that it shatters. Through these bits of soul, memory and personality it grows ever more powerful and capable – all to remind you of every enemy you’ve fallen, and every loved one that fell by its blade.
Finally, there is Painkiller. It’s Badass Guns: The Game, and it’s middle name is “Power” – you’ll get blown away by the sheer force behind your every shot. Spinning blades, rockets galore, lasers aplenty, and a grenade-filled rain of terror are just a tip of this blood-soaked iceberg.

Why settle on a single Weapon of Choice, when there’s a world of creative slaughter out there… and it just so happens that there’s a pretty hefty 50-75% discount on the tools and ammo! The promo will last until Thursday, August …read more

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