Weekly Staff Picks: Turn-Based Heaven

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Up to 75% off Chroma Squad, Telepath Tactics, Braveland, Skulls of the Shogun.

What if you could just… stop time? Would things be any different? Would you have made different choices, had you been given the chance to stop and think? Would you ensure that every single step you take is perfect, or would that just ruin the fun? In this week’s Weekly Staff Picks, we highlight five fantastic games that give you the means to truly consider your every step, craft your perfect scenario, your own Turn-Based Heaven at 33-75% off.

Chroma Squad, an RPG love-letter to the Power Rangers, is a peculiar business/RPG simulator that has you simultaneously in charge of a super-sentai-style show, and a squad of glamorous rangers. Make the casting-call, pick out a properly pastel wardrobe, prepare the special effects (cardboard non-optional), and control your squad in dramatic turn-based battles. In Telepath Tactics, beneath all the retro appeal lies a deep strategist’s strategy game with clear rules and huge possibilities, all set in a steampunk fantasy universe featuring steam-powered mechanical golems, armored praying mantises, and floating disembodied heads. Finally, we’ve got Braveland and Braveland Wizard – a two-part series of whimsical and colorful strategy games that are all about simplicity, entertainment and accessibility – and Skulls of The Shogun – which features fast, accessible and freeform turn-based combat for you to bite into.

Play smart, play fast, play it your way in your Turn-Based Heaven with these five fantastically smart titles. The promo will last until Thursday, August 6, 9:59 AM GMT.

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