Weekly Staff Picks: The Furry Few

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Having a pet around the house is all fine and dandy, until saliva-free peripherals become a rare commodity. Or until you find your new pair of 5.1 headphones sticking out of the litter box. It would seem that cute, furry beasts and games don’t mix well, but we’ve got solid proof this is not the case. Sure, things can get hairy when gaming around unruly pets, but try gaming with them and it’s fun times for everyone involved. Especially when they are one of The Furry Few, the Weekly Staff Picks starring our cuddly co-habitants of the planet.

In the jungle of war there is always a lion. Or a wolf. Or an otter. If you thought human power struggles are intense, try clawing, backstabbing or weaseling your way to the throne of the animal kingdom as one of the eight Armello clan heroes. And while you are falling in love with the charming cartoon visuals and the sublime soundtrack, this tabletop strategy game with subtle RPG sensibilities will manage to keep you up until it’s time for your dog’s morning walk.

Dust, the amnesiac, death-dealing protagonist of An Elysian Tail is not one for words. But while he slices, dices and double-jumps his way through breathtaking glades, mountaintops and dimly lit caves, his chatty nimbat companion and sentient sword make sure there is not a dull moment to be had. Especially if you make a point of delivering death through spectacular combos, or discovering the awesome collectibles scattered around this fairy-tale world.

So welcome to the jungle, we’ve got fun and games, everything you want and we even know the names! They are called The Furry Few and they are our four Weekly Staff Picks, …read more

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