Weekly Staff Picks: Puzzled

Classic Games

50%-80% off Human Resource Machine, Infinifactory, Spacechem and more!

What happens when you put together five of the most inventive, bizarre, and challenging head-scratchers available in digital format? Why, that’s no puzzle: a grand cerebr-ation of unconventional thinking is what happens! And that’s what our Weekly Staff Picks: Puzzled are designed to do: so grab any of these five excellent brain-ticklers and try to match them with their corresponding discounted prices! No, wait, scratch that. We just went ahead and solved this one for you.

Despite our best efforts, our glorious alien overlords have finally managed to put us under their thumb. Naturally, their first order of business is to ensure earthlings are pulling their own weight. You are to manage a vast 3D Infinifactory (designed by the fine people behind Spacechem) where you can roam free, set up your own assembly lines and allocate all available resources in an efficient fashion that will optimize production. But try not to die in the process. That would be most unproductive.

Fighting against aliens may seem futile at times but at least those buggers (usually) have a face. What are you going to do when you come up against the faceless Tessellated Intelligence System-100 that speaks only in Code? Why, try out-coding it, of course. Use your mad programming skills and binary creativity to rewrite corrupted code segments, solve its taunting puzzles and uncover the curious truth behind its real function.

“Lay off gaming and get yourself a job!”, they say. “But I already have one!”, you reply. You’ve been playing Human Resource Machine, haven’t you? The quirky office-simulator from Tomorrow Corporation (of World of Goo and Little Inferno fame) that lets you play around with all the variables of the company’s workload and find the best solutions to increase productivity in a super-accessible …read more

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