Weekly Staff Picks: Party Hard, Adventure Soft

Classic Games

85% off bundle of Simon the Sorcerer, The Feeble Files, Waxworks and Your Personal Nightmare.

They’re very much adventure, but they couldn’t be further from soft. Adventure Soft are the team behind several of the toughest yet most recognizable and wonderful adventure worlds ever produced. Space, horror, or magic – our entire catalog of Adventure Soft classics is our Weekly Staff Pick packed together in an awesomely cheap bundle at 85% off (or available individually at 60% off), so come on down, Party Hard, Adventure Soft!

Simon the Sorcerer is pretty much a household name by now, but if you somehow missed this legendary series now’s your chance to magic your way through the the original trilogy from its humble VGA beginnings, into beautiful 3D worlds. Lift off into space, but don’t expect luxury and glory – The Feeble Files are a story of a man who is anything but a hero, although he is temporarily between jobs. Between the dirt and grime of space-streets and space-scum a malicious plot is brewing, and you don’t really have anything better to do, right? Well, maybe you do – maybe you’re currently busy fearing for your life or your sanity? An impossible terror lurks beneath the shadows of Waxworks and Your Personal Nightmare. Bring a flashlight, just in case.

A wave of your wand, a sweep of your broom, a desperate scream silenced by fear – whatever your flavor of choice – come Party Hard, Adventure Soft with Weekly Staff Picks on GOG.com! The promo will last until Thursday, August 13, 9:59 AM GMT.

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