Weekly Staff Picks: Furious Pace

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Up to 90% off Race the Sun, Pixeljunk Shooter, Raiden 3 & 4, Bombshell, and more!

Come with me and keep the pace/ don’t look back, let’s win the race!
Do you feel the need to go fast? Or the need to see the world through a blur of colorful destruction? To reach your destination untouched by your enemies or the constraints of gravity? Then you must keep a Furious Pace, friend! Try to catch these fast-moving games, going for up to 90% off, and embrace your inner need for speed and frenetic fighting.

Go deep underground and rescue the trapped scientists before it’s too late. Action, adventure, and caverns full of hazardous materials await your brave spaceship but you can always enlist a Pixeljunk Shooter friend to help you survive this perilous mission.

She is pissed, she is well-armed, she is surrounded by ugly, smelly aliens. Shelly Bombshell Harrison doesn’t mess around, but she will create a mess around her as she blasts, guts, and pounds the alien hordes into a pulp.

Solar energy is your lifeline, speed fuels your adrenaline, your maneuvers make you look sublime. Reach impossible speeds as you Race the Sun in procedurally-generated planets full of powerups, challenges, and minimalistic beauty.

Break the speed limits, hit fast, and make the most out of the time you have left. When it’s all happening at such a Furious Pace, every split second counts, so don’t dally with your choices – pick your favorites among these fast games fast: Crimzon Clover, Dyad, Raiden 3 & 4! The promo will last until July 8, 9:59 AM UTC.

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