Weekly Staff Picks: Cosmonautics Day

Classic Games

Up to 75% off the Wing Commander series, Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, FTL, and Lifeless Planet!

On days like these, when our earthly problems seem to hold almost zero gravity within the vastness of space, one is more prone to pondering the really important questions. Like: Do astronauts pass the time by playing space-themed games? How do aliens depict humans in their videogames? Did Sandra Bullock say something to anger all that space-debris that was chasing her around? Humanity’s frequent space-walks have not managed to answer any of them yet but don’t let that stop you from getting one of these (inter)stellar classics, and celebrating Cosmonautics Day in the most appropriate way known to man.

The Wing Commander series has grown into a gaming phenomenon so huge, that it can be visible from orbit. Through a fine-tuned blend of FMV cinematics, intense space combat, and dramatic storytelling, they reshaped the simulation genre and introduced countless players to the allure of spacefaring adventuring.

No one could have predicted the galaxy-wide effect of Nexus: The Jupiter Incident but one talented captain and his legendary spaceship, Stiletto, will decide the outcome of the ensuing conflict. His weapons? Guile, strategic thinking, and formidable leadership skills that would inspire any fleet.

Make some space in your library for those games that weren’t afraid to gaze into the stars and open a window to other galaxies. Cosmonautics Day will always remind us of the incredible accomplishments that humanity is capable of, but before we get to further expand our knowledge of the universe, we need to dream it up first.
The promo will last until April 15, 10:59 AM UTC.

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