Weekly Staff Picks: 360 Degrees of Freedom

Classic Games

Up to 80% off games that will give you some perspective: Legend of Grimrock 1+2, Sublevel Zero, Ravenloft, Wizardry 8, and more!

If there’s one thing games are chiefly about, it’s freedom! Freedom to be anyone you want, travel wherever you want, and fight whoever you want! But the first step to enjoying all that is having 360 degrees of freedom, so that you can fully explore your environment, immerse yourself in the adventure, and perhaps fight back against any enemy that tries to surprise you from behind. So exercise your freedom of choice and pick any of these games that you fancy, taking advantage of the up to 80% discount that’s visible from all angles!

Can’t talk about free of movement without mentioning Sublevel Zero, the first-person roguelite shooter set in a six-dimensional reality. Salvage pieces of ancient technology, craft neat weapons for your ship, and make your way through this procedurally-generated complex.

Deadly traps, cunning monsters, devious puzzles. That’s how Legend of Grimrock greets the brave souls who want to experience the old-school, grid-based challenges lying at the heart of its accursed dungeons.

Now, what good is freedom if you don’t have some fun with it, eh? The Deadly Tower of Monsters fixes its colorful beam of jokes upon some fine 70s sci-fi cheesiness, and carves out a delicious piece of action-adventure that Ed Wood himself would award a solid B.

Spin around, look above, explore your 360 degrees of freedom! They will reveal to you the most wonderful of places, like: Dark Sun, Wizardry 8, Fez, the Forgotten Realms Archives, and more!
The promo will last until October 28, 9:59 AM UTC.

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